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Printed Books:
"Breaking the Patterns of Depression" by Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.

Everyone faces bad times and difficult situations; why doesn't everyone get depressed? Are there specific skills you can develop that will protect you from depression and help prevent future episodes? The answer is yes. You can break through the patterns of depression with the skills and perspectives contained here. CLICK HERE!

"Thanks!- How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier by Dr Robert Emmons [Paperback (2008)"] CLICK HERE!

If you are looking for a Career Change or extra income then why not get Certified as a Stage Hypnotist? CLICK HERE!

Become an Authority on Hypnotism with this elegantly presented publication by Cambridge University Press - "A History of Hypnotism" CLICK HERE!

Come out of the doldrums and start thinking and feeling HAPPY! CLICK HERE!


"Healthy Primal Living" - Your ancestor were cavemen. They survived the ice age! Now you can learn to be as fit and ready as they were. CLICK HERE!


Think Happy Now - The definition of happiness varies for all of us but we all know the feeling once we have experienced it and today is the day for you to reclaim and capture that feeling. In this four module learning system you will discover ... CLICK HERE!

** Weight Loss Hypnosis **- Proven and tested results have been obtained using this product. Find out more ... CLICK HERE!

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