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Survival of the Fittest?

Your ancestors were cavemen,

They survived the ice age!

Now you can learn to be as fit and ready as they were

What's in the book?

    1. Introduction What is Primal Living? Why You Should Care
    2. Eating Primal -Perform Like a Top Athlete
    3. The Pros and ConsWith Eating a Paleo Diet
    4. How to be 'Quasi-Paleo'
    5. Primal Exercise and Staying Active
    6. Functional Training, Body Weight Training and Moving Naturally
    7. About Running
    8. Time to Un-Domesticate Yourself
    9. The Lifestyle Habits That are Making You Weak and Unhealthy
    10. Conclusion and Closing Notes

Get your copy of Healthy Primal Living and learn how to do it!

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