Thanks!- How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier by Dr Robert Emmons [Paperback (2008)]

Are you grateful for a warm bed at night? Are you grateful to have clean water to drink? Are you grateful even to have eyes and the capacity to be reading this? When you cultivate gratitude you will become more of the positive aspects of your life rather than continuous dwelling on the negative aspects. And even then, the negative aspects are all part of your life learning and don’t have to be perceived as negative.

There are three stages recognizing what we’re grateful for, acknowledging it, and appreciating it. Simple, right? And the benefits of practicing gratitude can be life-altering. According to • Gratitude puts situations into perspective.

When we can see the good as well as the bad, it becomes more difficult to complain and stay stuck. • Gratitude helps us realize what we have. This can lessen our need for wanting more all the time. • Gratitude strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and, in general, makes us happier, according to Dr. Emmons, who explains his research in this video:

With Dr Robert Emmons book you will learn how to:

  • 1.    Notice your day to day world from a point of view of gratitude and be amazed at all of the goodness we take for granted.  Watch the video “A Good Day” from TEDxSX and it will put you in the right frame of mind.
    2.    Keep a gratitude journal. All you have to do is write one or more things you are grateful for on a daily basis. No fancy notebook or computer software is required.
    3.    If you identify something or someone with a negative trait (the cold conference room,) switch it in your mind to a positive trait (the conference room with a great view.)
    4.    Gratitude requires humility, which is described in the dictionary as “modest and respectful.”  Explore where it fits in your life. The article “Humility: A Quiet, Underappreciated Strength” is a good start.
    5.    Give at least one compliment per day.  It can be to a person or it can be asking someone to share your appreciation of something else, (e.g. “I love how quiet it is in the morning, don’t you?)
    6.    When you find yourself in a bad situation ask: What can I learn?  When I look back on this, without emotion, what will I be grateful for?
    7.    Vow to not complain, criticize or gossip for 10 days.  If you slip, rally you willpower and keep going.  Notice the amount of energy you were expending on negative thoughts and actions.
    8.    Sound genuinely happy to hear from people who call you on the phone.  Whether the caller responds with surprise or delight, he will know you value speaking with him.
    9.    Become more involved in a cause that is important to you.  Donate time or money or time or talent.  By joining in you will gain greater appreciation for the organization, and it will respect you more too.


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