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Weight Loss Self Hypnosis

If you have snacked, overeaten or binged on rich foods or sweets over long periods of time theymay have become habits and embedded themselves in your subconscious mind.

It's very hard to change these subconscious habits by willpower alone.

Using this weight loss hypnosis mp3 package will help you change your habits by addressing the hidden causes of your weight problems directly at the deep subconscious level.

You will get more insight by following the printed instructions first.

Listen to this weight loss hypnosis audio daily and see yourself effortlessly making more healthy choices and losing excess weight easily.

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Hypnosis will help you because eating, overeating, binging, eating rich foods or sweets are habits that, once acquired, become subconscious.

From Alfred Bellanti BSc, Grad Dip Soc Sc, Dip Cl Hyp, Cert Ericksonian Hyp, Cert Master Hyp

Regardless of the causes of obesity customers have reported significant improvement after using this recording - here is what they say:

"Listening to this CD set was a wonderfully relaxing and positive experience. Alfred has a unique ability to make one feel comfortable and at ease, yet excited and inspired to make changes in one's life. The worksheets included are an excellent method of charting one's progress. I believe regular use of this product will promote healthy, safe & long term weight loss." Rosie - Pharmacy Staff Manager

"It was really easy to listen to. The second CD was like a meditation. There is no reason you won't lose weight by following the advice and suggestions offered in this program." Angela - Nutritionist

"I only wish this program had been around a few years ago when I was really stuggling with my waistline. It would have made it so much easier." Sarah - Retail Manager

I find it difficult to exercise because of severe arthritis in my knees and I became dangerously overweight. A friend gave me this CD and I was determined to lose weight. I lost five kilos (over 10 pounds) just by listening to this CD regularly for a few weeks." Robyn - Registered Nurse

This pack comes with a worksheet and meal planner and a total of 8 audio tracks

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